Who’s paying for the over $1 million in false attack T.V. ads in Montana? Big multi-national corporations. And who benefits from them? Dennis Rehberg. It’s the Washington game — special interests get their way because Washington politicians like Dennis Rehberg let them. To them, the truth doesn’t matter. One attack ad was so false, it was pulled off the air by a Montana cable company.

So when you see these ads, remember: This is the Washington game. Multi-national corporations get to spend unlimited amounts on false attacks because Washington politicians like Dennis Rehberg let them. And if they can influence this election, Dennis will be able to give them even more special favors in the U.S. Senate.


Rehberg Won’t Support Amendment To Overturn Citizens United Decision. In January 2012, KXLH reported: “Congressman Denny Rehberg won’t support the amendment. He says a healthy democracy is made up of many voices.” [KXLH, 1/25/12]

Rehberg Sided With Special Interests Over Transparency in Campaign Finance Reform. In 2010, Rehberg voted against campaign finance reforms Jon Tester supported that required transparency and disclosure in campaign spending. The bill would tighten disclosure rules on campaign advertising by corporations, unions and other independent groups and would prohibit corporations that are foreign-controlled or have received government assistance from making expenditures in political campaigns. [CQ Today, 6/24/10; HR 5175, Vote 391, 6/24/10]

Rehberg lets multinational corporations dodge taxes by using offshore tax havens and special loopholes.

Rehberg Voted to Allow Companies to Send Tax Revenue Abroad. In 2010, Rehberg voted against stopping companies from sending tax revenue to other countries to avoid paying taxes. The provision required U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies to pay taxes they could previously avoid by sending the funds to another country. [CQ Today, 3/24/10; HR 4849, Vote 182, 3/24/10]

Rehberg Voted Against Closing Tax Loopholes for Multinational Corporations. In 2010, Rehberg voted against closing tax loopholes for multinational corporations and extending increased Medicaid assistance and education funding to states. The bill extended the increased federal matching payments of the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage program provided for under the economic stimulus law for an additional six months. It also provided $10 billion in supplemental appropriations for education to assist in hiring and retaining teachers and other public school employees. [CQ Bill Analysis, 8/11/10; HR 1586, Vote 518, 8/10/10]

He lets them take big tax breaks for outsourcing American jobs.

Rehberg Voted to Protect Tax Loopholes for Companies Outsourcing Jobs. In 2010, Rehberg voted against cracking down on companies that take advantages of loopholes in the foreign income provisions of the tax code which makes it more profitable for them to outsource jobs.[CQ Today, 5/28/10; HR 4213, Vote 324, 5/28/10; House Ways and Means Committee, HR 4213 Summary]

They give money to politicians like Dennis Rehberg…

Rehberg Was Endorsed By Citizens United, and got a $10,000 check from the group responsible for the unlimited, undisclosed election spending by foreign-owned corporations. In January 2012, the Lee State Bureau reported: “Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy noted that Citizens United, the plaintiff in the federal case, endorsed Rehberg in September 2011.” [1/24/12]

and to shadowy third-party groups to run attack ads.

Crossroads GPS Raised $32.6 Million In Undisclosed Donations. In January 2012, CNN reported: “American Crossroads, the super PAC, makes its donors public in its filing with the FEC. But Crossroads GPS –like many new groups– is only required to release its donor list to the IRS.” [CNN, 1/31/12]

Crossroads GPS Organized Under Different Tax Code to Avoid Disclosing Donors. As reported by Bloomberg News, “That amount doesn’t include the donations to American Crossroads’ sister organization, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies. Crossroads GPS, which is organized under a different tax code and doesn’t disclose its donors” [Bloomberg News, 6/24/2011]

Big Corporations Gave At Least $8.9 Million To American Crossroads. In February 2012, the New York Times reported that American Crossroads raised at least $8.9 million from corporations such as Contran, Whiteco Industries, Crow Holdings, Alliance Management Holdings, Weaver Popcorn Company, Stephens Investment Holdings, Hubbard Broadcasting, Alpha Natural Resources, Foresight Management, and Charlene Neal Purestyle. [New York Times, 2/1/12]

NBC News: Crossroads GPS Money From “Circle of Extremely Wealthy Wall Street Hedge Fund and Private Equity Moguls.” According to NBC News, “A substantial portion of Crossroads GPS’ money came from a small circle of extremely wealthy Wall Street hedge fund and private equity moguls, according to GOP fundraising sources who spoke with NBC News on condition of anonymity.” [NBC News, 11/04/10]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Funded by Large Corporations. The U.S. Chamber’s tax filings show that just 19 corporations contributed one-third of the Chamber’s 2008 income – nearly $50 million. The Chamber does not disclose the identities of any of the organization’s donors. [Los Angeles Times, 3/8/10; Washington Monthly, 7/7/10]

Chamber of Commerce Campaign Fund Bankrolled By Foreign Dollars. [Huffington Post, 10/5/10]

  • Chamber of Commerce Political Attack Ads Use Funds That Include Solicited Foreign Donations. In October 2010, ThinkProgress reported “A ThinkProgress investigation has found that the Chamber funds its political attack campaign out of its general account, which solicits foreign funding. And while the Chamber will likely assert it has internal controls, foreign money is fungible, permitting the Chamber to run its unprecedented attack campaign.” [ThinkProgress, 10/5/10]

And the attack ads? They get pulled off the air for being false.

Karl Rove-Backed Attack Ad Against Montana Senator Jon Tester Pulled Off the Air. [Hollywood Reporter, 11/12/2011]

Crossroads Ad Pulled Off Montana Cable Network. [The Hill, 11/12/2011]

Conservative Attack Ad Pulled Amid Concerns It Falsely Accuses Tester Over EPA Farm Dust Rules. [AP, 11/11/2011]

  • Cablevision Optimum Refused to Air Crossroads Attack Ad That “Falsely Accuses” Tester of Vote That Never Happened. As reported by the AP, “A conservative group’s Television advertisement has been pulled from a cable network amid complaints from U.S. Sen. Jon Tester that it falsely accuses him of supporting tougher rules for farm dust. Montana farmers’ dust.” [AP, 11/11/2011]

Cable Company Pulled Crossroads Attack Ad Off the Air. As reported by Politico, “Then there was the Crossroads GPS spot that a cable company pulled off the air due to a dispute over a charge leveled over Tester’s record on regulating farm dust.” [Politico, 11/27/2011]

Crossroads Attack Ad “Pulled From the Air By Cable Service Because It Contains Nothing But Blatant and Indefensible Lies.” As reported by Salon, “An ad by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS attacking Montana Sen. Jon Tester was pulled from the air by a cable service because it contains nothing but very blatant and indefensible lies, unlike the usual defensible lies and distortions most political ads make. [Salon, 11/16/2011]

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