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Jon Tester Campaign Launches “Women for Tester” in Great Falls

Campaign News April 9, 2024

MFT announces co-chairs and more than 500 initial members of women-led group supporting Jon


GREAT FALLS – Yesterday in Great Falls, Montanans for Tester launched “Women for Tester,” a group of Montana women backing Jon Tester for U.S. Senate. The group, which launched with over 500 Montana women from across the state voicing their support for Jon, was announced at an event featuring Great Falls co-chairs Helena Lovick, Marlee Sunchild, Gerry Jennings, and Jon’s wife Sharla Tester. These women are leaders in their communities and continue to fight alongside Jon to protect our Montana values. 


As women’s access to health care is being restricted and reproductive freedoms are under attack across the country – including Montana – it is more important than ever to have a champion for women in the U.S. Senate. These women know that Jon will relentlessly stand up for their right to make their own decisions about their own health care, defend working families, and have their back. 





“I will always ensure that Montana women have a voice in D.C., especially as women’s rights and freedoms are being threatened across the country and in Montana,” said Senator Jon Tester. “This strong coalition of women understand that our personal freedoms are critical to who we are as Montanans. I’m proud to have their support and to stand alongside them in the fight to keep Montana the Last Best Place.”




Sharla Tester (Big Sandy) is Jon’s wife. They got married during Jon’s senior year at the University of Great Falls, and together, they have run their farm just outside of Big Sandy, Montana for the last forty years. They have three children: Christine, who was born around the time the Testers moved back to Jon’s grandparents’ farm and butcher shop; their son Shon; and Melody, a close friend of Christine’s who they were blessed to welcome to their house years later. 


Helena Lovick (Great Falls) is Chair of the Cascade County Democrats Central Committee and mother of two. She’s a scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry who is raising her family in Great Falls, and a local organizer and volunteer working tirelessly to make her community a better place.


Marlee Sunchild (Great Falls) of the Chippewa Cree Tribe is a member of the Great Falls School Board. She is a recently retired Great Falls Public Schools elementary school teacher who taught for 25 years, and her family has had three generations of Great Falls Public School students (including herself).


Gerry Jennings (Great Falls) is a local volunteer, community organizer, and outdoor enthusiast. She is a longtime member of Wild Montana (formerly known as the Montana Wilderness Association) and former board member of the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation. She and her husband Chuck have four children and have lived in Great Falls for 50 years.


Denise Juneau (Bozeman) of the Blackfeet Tribe, served as the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Montana from 2009-2017. Denise is a former high school teacher, and a graduate of Browning High School, Montana State University, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the University of Montana Law School. 


Sue Davidson (Billings) served for 25 years in the U.S. Army, Navy, and Army Reserves. Since her retirement as a Master Sergeant, Sue has dedicated herself to serving the veterans community in Yellowstone County working with the Billings chapter of the Disabled Veterans of America. 


Erin Foley (Butte) currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2 and as President of the Montana AFL-CIO. Born into a union family in Butte, Erin is a graduate of Montana Tech and has been a Teamster for 14 years. 


Betsy Swartz (Bozeman) is a small business owner and community activist in Gallatin County. Through her work with Big Sky Rising, Betsy has worked to engage thousands of Montanans in every corner of the state to demand better from their elected officials.


Hannah Nash (Miles City) is an educator, union organizer, and active voice in Miles City’s arts community. Hannah is a vocal advocate for Democrats in rural Montana and currently serves as chair of the Custer County Democrats.


Jorgia Hawthorne (Missoula) is a senior at the University of Montana studying political science, journalism, and nonprofit administration. Jorgia is a proud daughter of Great Falls and currently serves as the president of the Montana College Democrats.


Betsy Scanlin (Red Lodge) is the former Mayor of Red Lodge, Montana. Betsy is an active volunteer, an avid hiker, and an enthusiastic organizer for her community.



Abby T., Virginia City
Alex S., Missoula
Alissa S., Cut Bank
Alyssa L., Great Falls
Amy C., Missoula
Andrea A., Gold Creek
Andrea M., Havre
Angela K., Kalispell
Anna B., Hall
Anna W., Ronan
Arleen R., Sidney
Barb S., Dutton
Barbara G., Pray
Barbara L., Lewistown
Becky M., Phillipsburg
Belinda B., Browning
Beth H., Babb
Betty C., Great Falls
Brenna D., Missoula
Caitlin A., Great Falls
Carmela B., Hamilton
Carol B., Helena
Carol W., Polson
Carolyn C., Billings
Catherine F., Absarokee
Charlene I., Kalispell
Chery E., Billings
Cindi F., Butte
Cindy H., Deer Lodge
Claudia H., Havre
Connie H., Canyon Creek
Constance S., Billings
Corrina H., Browning
Daisy S., Havre
Dawn C., Browning
Dawna C.L., Ronan
Deanna D., Billings
Debbie S., Bozeman
Debra A., Trout Creek
Dena R., Plentywood
Denise J., Billings
Devin M., Columbus
Diann D., Lewistown
Dorothy B., Clyde Park
Edna S., Dillon
Elizabeth K., Lambert
Ellen G., Three Forks
Emma K., Billings
Faith S., Butte
Gail V., Missoula
Gerry J., Great Falls
Grayce H., Great Falls
Hannah N., Miles City
Heatherlynn M., Butte
Holcomb D., Bozeman
Ilona E., Troy
Jacki K., Molt
Jamie Jo L., Butte
Jane W., Great Falls
Janet F., Missoula
Janet RT., Missoula
Janice C., Hamilton
Janna L., Three Forks
Jean C., Lewistown
Jeanne B., Billings
Jeannie H., Bozeman
Jennifer F., Missoula
Jenny M., Helena
Jill B., Fort Benton
Jill R., Lewistown
Joan D., Helena
Joanie P., Missoula
Jorgia H., Missoula
Joyce H., Froid
Judith G., Red Lodge
Judy S., Fairfield
Julie H., Red Lodge
Karen D., Havre
Kari G., Condon
Katharine O., Bozeman
Kathleen R., Columbus
Kathryn B., Polson
Kathy K., Red Lodge
Katie H., Billings
Kierstin S., Corvallis
Kim S., Drummond
Kristi D., Missoula
Krystal S., Havre
Laura D., Polson
Laura M., Missoula
Lauri K., Granite
Laurie S., Missoula
LeAnn H., Libby
Lesa E., Helena
Lila M., Bozeman
Linda B., Lewistown
Linda F., Saltese
Linda H., Billings
Linda I., Big Timber
Linda P., Bozeman
Linda W., Hall
Lisa H., Polson
Lois S., Lewistown
Lori L., Bozeman
Louise B., Dillon
Lucyann E., Ennis
Lynn S., Kalispell
Maddie F., Helena
Marci B., Browning
Margaret H., Havre
Margaret N., Chester
Marge K., Fairfield
Maria J., Sidney
Marilyn F., Bozeman
Marissa B., Great Falls
Marlee W., Browning
Mary Ann D., Helena
Mary H., Lewistown
Mary Jo O., Dillon
Mary V., Ennis
Maryan A., Missoula
Maxine L., Charlo
Melissa F., Billings
Melissa S., Stevensville
Michalene Z., Clancy
Minda F., Trout Creek
Moira B., Libby
Morgan S., Great Falls
Nancy M., Missoula
Nancy Z., Great Falls
Nona C., Bozeman
Pam D., Butte
Pamela E., Billings
Pamela M., Kalispell
Pat B., Twin Bridges
Patricia C., Butte
Patricia R., Great Falls
Patti S., Bozeman
Patty H., Gold Creek
Peggy B., Billings
Penney B., Havre
Phyllis F., Great Falls
Rachel V., Bozeman
Rebecca B., Butte
Renee G., Roberts
Rhonda C., Browning
Rikki R., Browning
Robin F., Lewistown
Rochelle D., Power
Ruby K., Phillipsburg
Sally B., Helena
Sandi B., Big Timber
Sandy F., Lewistown
Sandy Y., Kalispell
Sarah C., Missoula
Savanna W., Belgrade
Sharon P., Townsend
Shelley E., Hot Springs
Shirley B., Ennis
Shirly H., Billings
Stephani L., Bozeman
Sue P., Glendive
Susan E., Terry
Susan H.P., Missoula
Susan W., Bozeman
Suzanne T., Bozeman
Suzy H., Bozeman
Tammy A., Plentywood
Teresa B., Missoula
Terri O., Lewistown
Terryl M., Cut Bank
Tina B., Harlem
Toni T., Heart Butte
Tracy R., Paradise Valley
Valerie W., Bozeman
Vi H., Belgrade
Victoria S., Billings
Wanda G., Billings
Windy CG., Browning

Addrien M., Missoula
Alexandrea O., Browning
Allison D., Helena
Amanda L., Helena
Amy K., Anaconda
Andrea D., Havre
Andrea P., Lewistown
Ann B., Helena
Anna H., Harlem
Annie T., McLeod
Ashleen S., Missoula
Barb S., Havre
Barbara J., Great Falls
Barbara S., Bonner
Becky R., Billings
Belinda V., Sidney
Beth K., Bozeman
Brenda A., Florence
Brianna S., Phillipsburg
Cara W., Bozeman
Carmen L., Sidney
Carol B., Plains
Carole B., Billings
Carolyn D., Billings
Cathie F., Ennis
Chassidy F., Deer Lodge
Christine C., Browning
Cindy B., Fort Shaw
Claire U., Glendive
Colleen M., Helena
Constance C., Helena
Cora Kay C., Harlem
Cris Y., Anaconda
Darci P., Florence
Dawn C., Ennis
Dayna M., Polson
Deb G., Corvallis
Debby L., Heron
Dedra H., Billings
Denise A., Bozeman
Denise J., Bozeman
Diane J., Stevensville
Donna G., Clancy
Dulaney C., Bozeman
Elaine B., Culbertson
Elizabeth M., Belgrade
Emily D., Helena
Evelyn C., Culbertson
Gabi S., Babb
Gail W., Livingston
Gloria G., Glendive
Gretchen N., Red Lodge
Heather M., Troy
Heidi D., Browning
Holly C., Lonepine
Ingeborg H., Bozeman
Jade S., Lame Deer
Jan B., Missoula
Janet D., Ennis
Janet J., Harrison
Janet S., Sidney
Janice E., Billings
Jaq Q., Billings
Jean L., Forsyth
Jeanne S., Livingston
Jennie G., Great Falls
Jennifer G., Phillipsburg
Jeri L., Browning
Jill D., Bozeman
Jo S., Lewistown
Joan F., Bozeman
Joanne B., Lewistown
Josephine B., Lewistown
Joyce M., Phillipsburg
Judy P., Roberts
Judy T., Helena
Julie W., Fairfield
Karen S., Havre
Kate R., Columbus
Kathleen D., Hamilton
Kathleen S., Phillipsburg
Kathy B., Missoula
Kathy M., Butte
Katrin C., Absarokee
Kim G., Red Lodge
Kindsley W., Lame Deer
Kristin D., Butte
Krystin M., Butte
Laura L., Dillon
Laura U., Browning
Lauri M., Bozeman
Lea W., Browning
Lei-Anna B., Bozeman
Leslie B., Clancy
Lilliam S., Drummond
Linda C., Whitefish
Linda F., Twin Bridges
Linda H., Columbus
Linda M., Great Falls
Linda R., Lewistown
Linda W., St. Ignatius
Lissa B., Bozeman
Lora W., Choteau
Lorrie H., Columbus
Louise W., Bozeman
Lynatte A., Browning
MacKenzie F., Butte
Marce I., Havre
Marcia S., Kalispell
Margaret M., Billings
Margarett C., Havre
Margie L., Phillipsburg
Marian K., Big Sky
Marilyn R., Missoula
Marita V., Lewistown
Marlene M., Belgrade
Mary D., Columbia Falls
Mary H., Libby
Mary K., Libby
Mary W., Hot Springs
Maureen H., Bigfork
Maxine R., Willard
Melissa S., Billings
Meredith M., Phillipsburg
Michele S., Hall
Miranda K., Wilsall
Molly W., Kalispell
Nadene F., Red Lodge
Nancy S., Missoula
Nicole D., Sidney
Noreen B., Bozeman
Pam V., Havre
Pamela H., Helena
Pamela M., Rexford
Patricia B., Great Falls
Patricia D., Helena
Patsy B., Great Falls
Pattie D., Florence
Patty S., Red Lodge
Peggy L., Great Falls
Penny R., Great Falls
Priscilla D., Livingston
Rainy W., Bozeman
Rebecca H., Livingston
Renee R., Havre
Rhonda Z., Great Falls
Rita C., Missoula
Robin K., Billings
Rosemary W., Fairview
Ruth L., Cardwell
Sam S., Anaconda
Sandra O., Hamilton
Sandy P., Great Falls
Sara S., Missoula
Sarah D., Sidney
Sharla H., Choteau
Sharon S., Bozeman
Shelly M., Missoula
Shirley H., Helena
Stacey D., Bonner
Sue K., Sunburst
Sue S., Phillipsburg
Susan F., Browning
Susan R., Helena
Susie R., Libby
Suzie F., Lewistown
Sylvia D., Bozeman
Tammy L., Fairfield
Teresa H., Glendive
Terri S., Kalispell
Tescha H., Fort Belknap
Tina C., Belgrade
Tracey V., Fairfield
Tracy V., Troy
Vernie S., Hilger
Vicki H., Lewistown
Victoria S., Bozeman
Wendy B., Browning
Yetta S., Livingston

Adella A., Billings
Alice P., Whitefish
Alyson M., Red Lodge
Amber M., Billings
Amy Z., Bozeman
Andrea H., Absarokee
Angela A., Bozeman
Anna B., Great Falls
Anna P., Browning
Arleen B., Fishtail
Aubrey B., Butte
Barbara G., Billings
Barbara K., Butte
Becky E., Bozeman
Becky S., Missoula
Beth E., Havre
Betsy S., Red Lodge
Brenda S., Havre
Bryer H., Basin
Carey M., Conrad
Carol B., Great Falls
Carol H., Great Falls
Caroline R., Bozeman
Cassidy H., Kalispell
Cathy H., Lewistown
Chelsey N., Browning
Christine N., Helena
Cindy G., Ennis
Clara B., Absarokee
Collen F., Lolo
Constance N., Clinton
Corie B., Helena
Cristina G., Kalispell
Darlene S., Missoula
Dawn M., Missoula
Deanna B., Great Falls
Debbie R., Billings
Deborah T., Bozeman
Dee F., Columbia Falls
Denise B., Billings
Densie F., Livingston
Diane M., Dillon
Doris F., Sheridan
Edna J., Billings
Elizabeth C., Libby
Elizabeth S., Libby
Emily N., Culbertson
Faith G., Browning
Gail R., Bozeman
Gerry B., Polson
Grace B., Hingham
Hallie K., Bozeman
Heather R., Ronan
Helena L., Great Falls
Holly F., Kalispell
Irene N., Absarokee
Jamie C., Havre
Jan C., Helena
Janet E., Helena
Janet M., Sidney
Janette R., Ronan
Janice G., Missoula
Jaybird C., Browning
Jeanie G., Charlo
Jeannette P., Lewistown
Jennifer B., Bozeman
Jennifer L., Butte
Jessica H., Missoula
Jill M., Kalispell
Joan B., Fishtail
Joane B., Canyon Creek
Jodi O., Drummond
Joyce C., Colstrip
Judith D., Drummond
Judy S., Bozeman
Julie H., Bozeman
Karen D., Drummond
Karen S., Helena
Kate S., Polson
Kathleen M., Bozeman
Kathleen W., Sidney
Kathy K., Bigfork
Kathy R., McAllister
Kay A., Havre
Kim R., Townsend
Kris S., Billings
Kristin S., Libby
Laura C., Culbertson
Laura M., Billings
Lauren C., Whitefish
Laurie L., Lewistown
Lea W., Great Falls
Lela G., Great Falls
Leslie C., Billings
Linda A., Billings
Linda D., Choteau
Linda G., Helena
Linda H., Dillon
Linda M., Missoula
Linda S., Corvallis
Lindsey R., Havre
Lois S., Dillon
Lorene B., Dayton
Louisa A., Billings
Lucy B., Missoula
Lynette S., Great Falls
Madalyn Q., Helena
Marcella P., Billings
Margaret G., Stevensville
Margaret M., Great Falls
Marge G., Absarokee
Margie S., Anaconda
Marie K., Helena
Marissa B., Browning
Marlee S., Great Falls
Marsha H., Choteau
Mary Ellen S., Ennis
Mary J., Lewistown
Mary S., Lewistown
Mary W., Billings
Maureen R., Helena
Megan S., Helena
Melissa S., Great Falls
Merle L., Victor
Michelle F., Columbus
Moffie F., Helena
Mona H., Fort Belknap
Nancy J., Bozeman
Nancy W., Missoula
Nicole R., Bozeman
Pam C., Helena
Pamela B., Bozeman
Pamela L., Bozeman
Pamela S., Livingston
Patricia C., Bozeman
Patricia M., Shepherd
Patti K., Roberts
Patty A., Glendive
Paula D., Libby
Peggy S., Phillipsburg
Peyton B., Great Falls
Priscilla S., Helena
Rayola R., Browning
Rebekah J, Rocky Boy
Renelle B., Havre
Rikki H., Missoula
Rita S., Absarokee
Robyn K., Troy
Rosie L., Stevensville
Ruth T., Billings
Samantha L., Bozeman
Sandra R., Ovando
Sandy S., Sidney
Sarah B., Hamilton
Sarah H., Whitefish
Sharon M., Dillon
Sheelah P., Lambert
Sherry G., Deer Lodge
Shirley O., Missoula
Starla K., Babb
Sue P., Drummond
Sunny R., Billings
Susan H., Babb
Susan S., Great Falls
Suz R., Polson
Suzie T., Lewistown
Tallen O., Havre
Tatiana C., Babb
Terri N., Great Falls
Terry M., Boulder
Thedra B., Browning
Toni G., Lewistown
Traci I., Bozeman
Twylla M., Glendive
Veronica W., Helena
Victoria F., Billings
Virginia D., Billings
Whitney T., Bozeman