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Tester Campaign’s First TV Ad Highlights Montana Roots

November 7, 2023

BILLINGS – Today, the campaign for third-generation dirt farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester launched its first TV ad of the cycle, “Big Sandy,” a 60-second spot where Jon talks about his life in Big Sandy, Montana and how he’s standing tough against the outsiders trying to change Montana.

As an influx of wealthy out-of-staters has driven up costs across the state, Montana might be changing – but Montanans know Jon Tester has stayed the same. That’s why Jon continues to receive top marks from Montanans, with 61% of Montana voters approving of his job performance.

“Jon Tester understands what life is like for Montana families because he lives it every day,” 
said Shelbi Dantic, Montanans for Tester campaign manager. “Montana might be changing, but Jon Tester hasn’t. He still works the land his grandparents homesteaded more than 100 years ago and he still gets his same $12 flattop haircut. Jon Tester knows what makes our state so special and he will never stop defending Montana.”


Three generations of my family have farmed this land outside of Big Sandy. 

I know the Montana that’s worth protecting, because I’ve lived it every day. 

Where we look out for each other, 

Where our word is our bond. 

But like so much of our state, Big Sandy is changing. 

Things are too expensive. Some families are being forced to sell their farms they’ve had for generations. 

We’re losing access to our public lands. 

Hell, even some of our favorite bars are closing. 

Folks back in Washington and even some folks moving here don’t understand, or frankly don’t care, what’s happening out here. 

I’m defending our way of life with everything I’ve got. 

I’m protecting our freedoms. 

Because Montanans don’t like to be told how to live by anyone, especially the government. 

And I’m fighting to expand veterans’ clinics, and save our rural hospitals and schools because they’re the lifeblood of so many communities. 

I may not look like the other senators. 

But that’s not stopping me from making Washington understand what makes Montana so special. 

I’m Jon Tester, and I approve this message.