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Flathead Valley Voters Share Why They’re Backing Jon Tester in November

Flathead Beacon May 3, 2024

Gregg, 67, Columbia Falls, “How could you go wrong with Jon Tester? He’s a good guy. You can tell.”


BILLINGS – Third-generation dirt farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester continues to be “one of the country’s most popular senators despite [Montana’s] rightward shift,” and new reporting from Flathead Beacon reveals why Montanans are committing to vote for Jon this November.


Jon’s record and Montana values appeals to veterans, Republicans, Libertarians, and independents in Flathead Valley because he understands the issues Montanans are facing and relentlessly defends the Last Best Place every day. Read more from the Flathead Beacon:


Flathead Beacon: How are Voters in the Flathead Feeling About the 2024 Election? 

By Denali Sagner

May 3, 2024

  • Tester is the only Democrat serving in Montana’s Congressional delegation, and remains one of the country’s most popular senators despite the state’s rightward shift.
  • With six months until Election Day, the Beacon set out to interview Flathead Valley voters to find out what issues matter most and how they feel about the candidates that will appear on the ballot in November.
  • Kristen identifies as an Independent and says Libertarian candidates will likely get her vote come November. As of right now, though, she said she may vote for Tester in the Senate race.
  • For Rock, a 52-year-old Whitefish resident who works in hospitality, Tester’s dedication to veterans issues stands out.
  • Tester in his tenure in Washington has spearheaded efforts to expand veterans’ services, construct new facilities for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and extend healthcare benefits to veterans who have suffered from illnesses related to toxic burn pit exposure.
  • “It’s almost impossible for a regular person to buy or rent,” Robert, a 77-year-old Whitefish retiree, said. Robert said abortion rights, the economy and the state of democracy matter most to him.
  • Gregg, a 67-year-old retired lineman from Columbia Falls and a friend of Robert’s, said he’s happy with Tester’s record and believes that things are looking up, both locally and nationally. Robert and Gregg are both Democrats who closely follow politics.
  • “I like Jon Tester,” Gregg said. “How could you go wrong with Jon Tester? He’s a good guy. You can tell.”
  • John, a 75-year-old retiree from Lakeside, calls himself a “Reagan Republican” and feels disillusioned by the current state of the Montana GOP. He’s concerned about the border, foreign policy, Flathead Lake levels and the valley’s growth. He plans to vote for Tester in November, who he said has “done a pretty good job of keeping Montana on top.”
  • Lily considers herself an Independent and plans to vote for Tester and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ryan Busse in November.