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NEW TV AD: Montana Rancher Touts Jon’s Fight to Defend Montana’s Way of Life from Outsiders Trying to Change It

February 15, 2024

BILLINGS – Today, the campaign for third-generation dirt farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester released a new 30-second TV ad, “Generations,” featuring rancher Leo McDonnell – part of a six-generation Montana family – supporting Jon for his unwavering fight to defend Montana’s way of life. 

Generations” highlights how Montana has been changing as wealthy outsiders drive up housing costs and fentanyl endangers Montanans across the state, but Jon remains the same: committed to defending the Montana we know and love. 

WATCH: “Generations


LEO MCDONNELL: Like so many Montanans, Jon and I grew up out here, six generations for me.

JON TESTER: Third generation for my family. The Montana we’ve known is worth protecting.

LEO MCDONNELL: But wealthy outsiders are changing our state, driving up the cost of housing, and fentanyl is exploding across Montana.

JON TESTER: I’ve had enough of what’s happening, it’s time to take our state back. 

LEO MCDONNELL: Jon will never stop fighting for the Montana we’ve known for generations. 

JON TESTER: I’m Jon Tester and I approve this message, to defend Montana before it’s too late.