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WHAT MONTANANS ARE SAYING: Jon Tester Fights for Rural Montana and Defends Montana Values

Campaign News June 11, 2024

[Jon] Tester springs from the soil of Montana like no other representative we have.


BILLINGS – In newspapers across the state, Montanans are thanking third-generation dirt farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester for being a champion for our veterans, pushing to keep postal services local, being a voice for rural Montana, and fighting to keep public lands in public hands. 


Jon continues to prove to Montanans that as one of the most bipartisan senators he will build on his record to keep Montana the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. 


Read what Montanans have to say about it for themselves in recent letters to the editor: 


JoLynn, Kalispell: “Tester is my senator and Montana’s senator…He knows MONTANA and the people who live here. I trust him. He has an outstanding record working in the U.S. Senate. His experience working in Montana’s Senate is another example of a life dedicated to serve Montana, the state and its people. Leadership comes with years of experience and dedication…Senator Tester’s fight to keep the postal service center in Missoula is never ending. Senator Tester’s work for long term health care has been forever, for our Veterans and our senior citizens. The list goes on!” 


Rick, Bozeman: “Time and time again, I have seen Senator Jon Tester advocating for veterans. Jon Tester’s PACT Act, one that came from years of fighting to pass it, is one of the most impactful pieces of legislation. Many veterans’ toxic exposure-related claims were often rejected. Jon Tester’s bill changed that…Because of his tireless efforts, I am receiving assistance from the VA because of my exposure to Agent Orange and my son as well who was exposed to burn pits in Iraq. Jon Tester knows how to implement real change for the VA. He never loses sight of the big picture but is also able to speak with authority on the most specific of issues that come with veterans’ care. Jon Tester has made a difference in the lives of many of us who served this nation in uniform.” 


Curtis, Bozeman: “[Jon] Tester springs from the soil of Montana like no other representative we have. Farmer, teacher in a rural school district, he knows Montana. You might not like him or his politics but you can rest assured that he will do his best to see every veteran and resident from Montana will get fair and just representation in Washington.” 


Lucy, Ennis: “This November, I’ll be voting for the candidate who would never sell off our public lands to the highest bidder: I’m voting for Jon Tester who really believes Montana is not for sale.”